Wild Hearted - Shane Gillard (vocals), Shane L Taylor (Guitar), Andy Shrimpton (Bass), Peter Nicholas (Drums)

Hailing from the Gold Coast Queensland, rock band "Wild Hearted", bring their electrifying original sound with passion. Influenced by the Doors, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Lenny Kravitz, Gun n Roses and Aussie legends Radio Birdman and the Sunnyboys.

Having  years of experience in the live music scene, their music has also featured on the soundtracks of international surfing films/documentaries. This has allowed the guys to reach a broader audience with their own original flavoured rock n' roll.

Wild Hearted came together in 1992 and played extensively in Australia for two wild years then disbanded after guitarist and founder Shane L Taylor left the band to seek other opportunities. After a number of failed attempts to move forward after Wild Hearted, the band reformed as a three piece (without singer Shane Gillard) and played together for the next 5 years. Ten years after the original line up split Shane Taylor and Shane Gillard got together to work on songwriting. This led to the recording and release of the "Jesusfish" project.  With a band of the same name, Shane and Shane played multiple festivals and Southeast Queensland gigs until life sent them in different directions once again.

Now 25 years after the original Wild Hearted broke up the boys are back together picking up where they left off. This time with a much more mature vision and sound. Wild Hearted original music mixes all the great elements of classic Australian surf rock. Big guitar, big bass, big drums and big vocals. All fitting seamlessly together in a killer sound reminiscent of classic rockers, Radio Birdman and the Sunnyboys with elements of the Doors and Led Zeppelin plus punk legends Dead Kennedys.

When you see Wild Hearted live you see the deep passion and calling these guys have to their music. After all these years the fire still burns strong and the band sounds better than ever. Wild Hearted are a band of brothers who have done a whole lot of life together. From the early years growing up as teenagers, to having families and experiencing the challenges of life. All this experience flows through the original music, cover songs and live performances. Creating an electric experience for the listener and concert goers.




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